Heatshrink Tubing 3:1 Kit


3:1 Mil-Spec Normal Wall MIixed Heatshrink Kit

Product Type: Heatshrink Kit


A cost effective choice for many applications.Suitable for a variety of general purpose applications in electronic/electromechanical industries, e.g. light harnesses, bundling, color coding, insulation of soldered or crimped connectors in electronic equipment.


  • Operating temperature -55℃ to +135℃
  • Minimum shrink temperature 70℃
  • Minimum full recovery temperature 120℃
  • Shrink Ratio 3:1
  • Approvals: UL224, 125  600V VW-1
  • Meets the AMS- DTL-23053/5 class1&3
  • RoHS compliant
  • Standard colors: black, red, blue, yellow, white

This Kit Contains:

3:1 normal wall, 3.2mm

(50mm: 15pcs x red, 15pcs x black, 15pcs x blue, 15pcs x yellow, 15pcs x white)

3:1 normal wall, 4.8mm

(50mm: 6pcs x red, 6pcs x black, 6pcs x blue, 6pcs x yellow, 6pcs x white)

3:1 normal wall, 9.5mm

(50mm: 10pcs x red, 10pcs x black, 10pcs x blue, 10pcs x yellow, 10pcs x white)

3:1 normal wall, 12.7mm

(70mm: 5pcs x red, 5pcs x black, 5pcs x blue, 5pcs x yellow, 5pcs x white)



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