Cross-linked Heat Shrinkable Insulation Tape


Cross-linked Heat Shrinkable Insulation Tape

Product Type: Heatshrink Tubing


Cross-linked Heat shrinkable insulation tape adopts Crosslinked polyolefin and environmental friendly heat melted adhesive that can be used for insulation, waterproof and anticorrosion purposes


  • Waterproof treatment at the ends of protective sleeves of heat shrinkable power cable joints
  • Anti-corrosion and seal of pipes
  • Insulation of bus bars in switchgear board and power stations
  • Shrink temperature:100℃
  • Self-shrink ratio:30%
  • Colours: black, red, yellow and green
  • Partial repair of the cable protective layers suffered by mechanical and heat damage and corrosions and breakages caused by organic solvent



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