Heatshrink Kit 4:1 Adhesive Lined 120 pcs


Heatshrink Kit 4:1 Adhesive Lined 120 pcs

Product Type: Heatshrink Kit


Manufactured by co-extrusion of polyolefin and hot-melt adhesive. Designed to provide both insulation and sealing for protected articles. Used to protect auto wires, shipping cable, bundle wires and metal tubes against water and moisture. High expansion ratio makes it possible to repair most damaged cable jackets without removing connectors.


  • Operating temperature -45℃ to +125℃
  • Minimum shrink temperature 70℃
  • Minimum full recovery temperature 125℃
  • Shrink Ratio 4:1
  • Approvals: UL224, 125? 600V VW-1
  • Standard colors: black

This Kit Contains:

4.0mm (45mm length) x 50
6.0mm (45mm length) x 30
8.0mm (70mm length) x 20
12.0mm (70mm length) x 10
16.0mm (70mm Length) x 10




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