Assorted box of Heatshrink Solder Sleeves AHSSKT


Product Type:Terminal Kit


Heatshrink solder sleeves available in white, red, blue & yellow. Transparent insulation sleeve provides encapsulation, inspectability, strain relief and insulation. Prefluxed solder perform provides a controlled soldering process. One-piece design offers easy installation and lower installed cost. Optional preinstalled ground leads provide convenience and ease of installation. Connecting wires to component terminals such as motor tabs, connector pins and switch terminals. All available in a compact clear box, 100 pieces.


  • Various heatshrink solder sleeves available in a compact clear bow
  • Colours: white, red, blue & yellow
  • Kit Size: 100 pieces
  • Wire to wire connection, no crimping required
  • 2:1 Shrink ratio adhesive lined heatshrink
  • Heat melts solder and heatshrinks the connector

Product Code: AHSSKT

Code Description Cable Size AWG mm2 Qty in Kit
STBSHTW Solder Heat Shrinkable Sleeve White 26-24 25
STBSHTR Solder Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Red 22-18 25
STBSHTB Solder Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Blue 16-14 25
STBSHTY Solder Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Yellow 12-10 25


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