Cord-end Terminal Kit and Tool ACEKT

Cord-end Terminal Selection Kit and Crimp Tool

Product Type: Terminals Kits and Tool


The copper tube envelops the strands of the flexible conductor and facilitates introduction into terminals.
These ends are available for conductors with cross-sections from 0.5mm – 4.00 mm, in different colours.

Box Dimensions: 24.5cm (length) x 18cm (height) x 3.9cm (width)

Physical Characteristics: Cable ends comprising a tinned copper tube with a moulded isolating collar at the end.


  • Rings, forks, blades, pin, butts,parallels & bullets and UL certified.
  • Tested in accordance to BS4579, part 1.


1 x Crimp Tool

50 x 4.0-9 (Orange)

50 x 2.5-8 (Grey)

100 x 1.5-8 (Black)

100 x 1.5-8 (Red)

100 x 0.75-8 (Blue)

100 x 0.5-8 (White)



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