Tradesmen Tubs ATT15 :50 x Black Cable Glands


ATT15 – 50 x Black Cable Glands

Product Type: Nylon Cable Glands


Nylon cable glands suitable for a wide range of applications including repair and maintenance, machine tools, panel buildings, outside plant, lighting, professional equipment, electrical junction boxes, bulk head wiring, automotive, robotics and general wiring applications.

Made from Polyamide 6 and each gland comes complete with locknut and washer.

Available in both white (ATT14) and black (ATT15) varieties.

All 50 Cable Glands in ATT14 and ATT15 are packaged in a handy, transparent tub with re-sealable lid and carry handle.


  • Nylon Cable Gland Tub
  • Complete with Locknuts & Washer fitted
  • M20 Nylon Cable Glands
  • Standards:UL Certified
  • IP68 ingress protection:



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