Tradesmen Tubs ATT13: Brown Plugs & Screws


Tradesmen Tubs ATT13: Brown Plugs & Screws

Product Type: Fixings Kit


From a range of tradesman tubs containing a selection of fixings, fastenings and terminations. ATT13 contain a selection of wall plugs and screws.

All-purpose wall plugs, ideal fixing for lightweight applications. Anti-rotation ribs at the head of the plug for extra holding power. High pull-out strength. The screws have a countersunk Pozi head and are ideal for use with the 10 x 1.5″ twin thread screws which are included in the pack. 400 of both the Wall Plugs and Screws are supplied and packaged in one handy, transparent re-sealable tub with carry handle.


  • ATT13: Brown Plugs & Screws
  • 400 x Brown Wall Plugs
  • 400 x (10 x 1.5″) Twin Thread Screws
  • Countersunk, Pozi head, Twin thread Screw with Bright zinc plated finish.




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