20 Piece Heavy Duty Zip-Up Tool Bag


This Kewtronics branded 20 piece heavy duty zip-up tool bag is stylish and hardwearing. It comes with various tool and accessories, which are listed below.  The bag is XXcm x YYcm x ZZcm [see the PIF]

Contents: [make bullet points below]

200mm Spirit Level

LED Headlight

Retractable Utility Knife

8 Retractable Utility Knife Spare Blades

Cable Ties 100 x 2.5 Black 100/ Pack

Cable Ties 250 x 4.8 Black 100/ Pack

6 Inch Junior Hacksaw

8 Piece Metric Hex Key Set

5m x 25mm High Viz Tape Measure

300mm Water Pump Pliers

Diagonal Cutting Pliers 200m

Combination Pliers 160mm

Diagonal Cutting and Stripping Pliers 180m

Combination Pliers 200mm

Long Nose Pliers 160mm

Electricians Flat Screwdriver 3.5×0.6x100mm

Electricians Flat Screwdriver 3.5×0.6x150mm

Electricians Flat Screwdriver 4.0×0.8x100mm

Electricians Pozi Screwdriver Pz1x100mm

Electricians Pozi Screwdriver Pz2x100mm




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