Quick Test Easy Phase Finder


Quick Test Easy Phase Finder

Product Type: Tester

Application: All Easy Phase Finders are suitable for use on 110V, 230V and 400V mains supplies.


  • Low cost solution to finding the phase – live supply
  • Does away with dim fragile neons, a bright LED gives clear to read indication from dim to bright conditions
  • Construction and finger guard configuration give full conformance with latest Euronorm safety standards
  • Fully drop proof from 2 metres gives robust working life
  • CATIII 300V
  • Installation Category III dassificalion 300V AC to Earth The phase finder is double insulated
  • Note this includes 400V AC mains phase to phase supplies as the phase finder measures phase to earth voltage which is a nominal 230V AC on a 400V AC phase to phase mains supply
  • Voltage 50-300V AC to Earth
  • Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Explanation of symbols used on instrument

Contents: Battery not supplied (9V MN 1604 or similar)





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