Electrical Lockout Kits Tag2


Electrical Lockout Kits Tag2

Product Type: Electrical Lockout Kit


Containing a variety of items to ensure safety in the workplace whilst machine maintenance is carried out.

1456- Portable Bum Bag Carry Case

410 Red -38mm Xenoy Body Safety Padlock (Red)

420 Steel -25mm Multi Steel Safety Hasp. Up to 6 padlocks

491B-Circuit Breaker Lockout for tall & wide toggles

493B- Circuit Breaker Lockout for standard, double & tie bar toggles

497A -Lockout Tagout (Pack x 5 with Ties)

S2390-Mini Circuit Breaker Lockout for breakers up to 11mm wide

S2391-Mini Circuit Breaker Lockout for breakers over 11mm wide


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